The Halloween Issue

Hello Everyone!

I am well aware that in this part of the world, many consider Halloween as another link in the cultural invasion chain. Personally, I have many reasons to like this celebration.
Even though I’m not particularly fond of scary movies, - let alone horror or suspense – this is a day to play with creepy subjects and lose a bit the fear of spooky creatures and dark conceptions. I find this particularly great for children.  Also, It's a day to be creative and show your imagination. You can wear something different, make a special meal, decorate your surroundings or be very outrageous if you wish. And let’s not forget, it's fun to hand out and get candy. It puts people in a good mood.  Last but not least, I go by the motto “Never turn down a party!”. No matter the origin, never pass a reason to celebrate.
I know that’s not necessarily YOU. However, bear with me a little as we explore Halloween History with NatGeo, The Tale of Stingy Jack, we sing along Do They Know It's Halloween and have fun with Scary English Idioms, and learn about candy.

Verónica de la Vega

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