Broken Instruments Are Music to the Ears of These School Repairmen - The Music Issue

VOA Video Activity  -  3.49 minutes BEG

Charles West and Larry Jernigan have worked together for almost 20 years. They fix musical instruments for the Washington, D.C., public schools. Last year, they repaired more than 600 instruments.

(1) Watch the video clip and read the captions to get the main idea of the interview and get familiar with the accents. 

(2) After, look at the following fragment sentences from the video, and find the meaning of the terms underlined. Choose A,B or C.

1.      If you see light, then that means air is getting through.  
a.passing   b.working  c.escaping

2.      It’s a chance that it will diminish the child’s playing experience. more less c.remain the same

3.      Larry Jernigan wants children to have a joyful experience with music.
a.big  b.happy  c.complete

4.      My job involves music, it involves the support of music, and it involves the education of music.
a. work    b.promotion  c.teaching

5.      The two men say they have yet to meet an instrument they could not fix.
      a.leave  b.understand

6.      There are instances when we... use parts to give life to other instruments.
a.cases  b.objects  c.moments

7.      I majored in music in college. And I played in an army band. a specialization an academic degree a trasfer

8.      The alto sax, the clarinet, and the flute, I picked up while working here.
a.took in my hands  b.studied   c. leaned

9.      He has concerns about music in the electronic age.
a.patience  b.respect  c.worries 

10.  They can enjoy music on the job and they really enjoy the performances of    D.C. students.
a.public presentation   b.character   c.manner

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