The Air Puzzle

Vocabulary/Game activity
Use the clues below to complete the crossword puzzle.
1. Respiratory organs within the thorax. 
4. Military force that fights with airplanes.
7. Another term for airport. 
8. Spacious, with a lot of open space through which air can move freely. 
9. Tell lies, say things that are not true: "full of ... air". 
10. A form of oxygen that is found in a layer high in the earth's atmosphere. 
11. Opposite of exhale. 
13. What you don't air in public. (2 words) 
14. An imaginary guitar that one pretends to play. (2 words) 
1. Troposphere, stratosphere, etc. 
2. What protects a driver or passenger when a vehicle crashes. 
3. To move air into and out of your lungs. 
4. A company that owns and operates airplanes used for carrying passengers and goods to different places. 
5. A chemical that is found in the air, that has no color, taste, or smell, and that is necessary for life. 
6. To speak honestly and openly in order to resolve a difference: "...the air". 
7. The system used for sending mail by aircraft.
12. A machine, such as an airplane or a helicopter, that flies through the air. 

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