The Engines of Our Ingenuity - The Genius Issue


The Engines of Our Ingenuity is a radio program that tells the story of how our culture is formed by human creativity. It is heard nationally on Public Radio and produced by KUHF-FM Houston


hosted by John H. Lienhard

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First Listening: Look at the list of word
s below. Listen to the segment and find the order in which they are mentioned.

A.Homo Sapiens B.chicken and egg C.automobiles D.Commodore home computer E.alien F.telephones G.the Greek

Second Listening
: Answer the following questions.

1.What do anthropologists look around to understand other civilizations?
Their bones - Their tools - Their geography

2.What does the word technology mean?
The art of making things - The art of understanding things - The art of knowing things

3.The first tools were made...
4.3 million years ago - 2.4 million years ago - 4.2 million years ago

4.What do machines do to us all our lives?
They control us. - They teach us. - They use us.

5.Who invented computers?
A 15 year-old. - Nobody knows. - They invented themselves.

6.What happens when we interact with a machine?
We improve our culture. - We interact with one another. - We change the path of civilization.

Answers here!

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