IDIOMS & PHRASES with the word HOME

Vocabulary activity

1.Find the meaning of the phrases and idioms on the left column.
1. A man’s home is his castle.
A. Until very late, For a very long time.
2. Feel at home
B. A housekeeper, someone whose main job is to take care of his or her own family home and children.
3. Close to home
C. Make money to support the family.
4. There's no place like home
D. Feel confident and know how to deal.
5. Until the cows home home
E. One can do whatever one wants to in one's own home
6. Bring home the bacon
F. A female (usually) who is trying to steal a man from another woman.
7. Homesick
G. To succeed with something
8. Home/ Homeboy / Homie/ Homey
H. You should take care of family and people close to you before you worry about helping others.
9. Home wrecker
I. Affecting a person directly, or being of personal concern.
10. Homebound
J. Not especially good or exciting
11. Homemaker
K. Someone who is in your neighborhood, your best friends.
12.Charity begins at home.
L. Made or prepared in the house, made by oneself or simply made.
13. Homemade

M. Relax; Feel comfortable.
14. Be at home in...
N. Home gives us a special feeling that nothing else can give us.
15. Nothing to write home about 
O. At home sick, working or doing nothing.
16. Hit a home run
P. Missing your home.

2.Complete the sentences with a phrase or idiom.
 1)I need to work a few hours this weekend. You know, I have to ...

2)That knife fell 2 inches from my foot. A little too ...
3)The food at the wedding was fine but...
4) Cookies at the bakery are good but your ... cookies are better.
5)Those boys coming around the corner are my ... Steve and Mike.
6)I know my apartment is a mess and the furniture doesn’t match but hey,...
7)I’ve been traveling for 8 months. I’m a bit ... now.
8)You are very generous with everybody. Now that your brother is getting married, you could help him...
9)I hate gossip, but everybody is saying the new neighbor is a ...
10)I’m very mellow I .... everywhere.
11)I could never be a ... I love my career in marketing.
12)You really ... winning the award.
13)I haven’t even started cooking so we won’t eat...
14)I love going away on vacations but coming back is great too...
15)Ellie broke her ankle and I guess she’ll be .... for at least a week.
16)At first I thought it was going to be tough but I really...

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