The Visual Arts Issue

• A Matter of Taste

• The Most Visited Museum in the World

• Andy’s Pop Art

• The Popularity of Art

• The Art Student’s Puzzle

A Matter of Taste

Conversation & role play activity
Look at the images and discuss the questions below.
·       Are these pieces art?

Compare and contrast. Give your opinion and fundament your views.

Is graffitti art? What about crafts?  
Do you enjoy taking photographs? Do you consider photography an art form?
Do you think of cartoons and comics as art?
Are movies a form of art?
Is fashion design a form of art? What about architecture?

Role play

Role-plays are one of the ways for using English in lifelike situations and practice your conversational skills.  You take on a different role or personality. For example, you may be asked to take on the role of "an angry neighbor" which may be out of character for you.

  • Get together with a partner.
  • Decide who will be A and who will be B.
  • Read your role card and your partner’s.
  • Pay special attention to the language structures/ vocabulary suggested.
  • Start a conversation with your partner based on the situation given.
  • Try to both ask and answer questions so that no one dominates the dialog.
  • Speak as much as possible, and remember to round off the conversation naturally.
  • Finally, exchange role cards and take on the other side of the dialog.

You are at a an Art Store with a friend , looking at some prints. Your friend has a taste for Fine Arts and will help you choose the right reproductions for your apartment. You are a young vibrant person who loves  modern things in decoration, architecture, etc.

Suggested language:

This painting is sort of…
I think/ believe/I’m (not) into…
I’m (not) really crazy about…
Do  you think…?
To each his own.
You have a taste for Fine Arts. You  are at an Art Store with a friend of yours who needs help to get the right reproduction to decorate his/her apartment. You just found a great print of Michelangelo. Nothing compares to classic art.

Suggested language:

Don’t you think/like/ find…?
…was painted by…
Just look at …
I love/hate…
To each his own.

The Most Visited Museum in the World

Discussion, reading & video activity


·        Do you like to visit art museums?
·        Do you visit museums when you go to another city? 
·        Have you ever been to any famous art museums?   
·        Do you have a favorite painting or sculpture?

Video Segment
WorldSiteGuides - Length= 8 minutes

Watch & read the information and facts on the most visited art museum in the world. Say whether the statements below are True or False.


1.During the 14th century the Louvre was a palace.
2. Many people consider  Francis I as the founder of the modern Louvre.
3. The construction of the modern Louvre began in 1451.
4. Catherine de Medicis was the mother of Francis' second son.
5. The Tuileries Palace was found in In 1564.
6. Francis I united the Tuileries with the Louvre.
7.The Tuileries Palace was burned and destroyed during the reign of Napoleon III.
8.In the mid 17th century the Louvre began to serve more as a museum and as a residence for artists.

9. Louis XVI agreed to display part of the royal collection to the public.
10. The museum opened for the public in 1793.
11.The Louvre’s architectural style is Baroque.
12. The museum obtained the majority of the works from donations.
13.Looking at the outside of the Louvre you see some sculptures
14. The most famous piece of art is a painting.
15.Another main feature of the Louvre is its yard.
16.The approximate time someone needs to visit the Louvre is an afternoon.
17. Napoleon Bonaparte was responsible for the grand renovation of the Louvre.
18. More that 15,000 people visit the Louvre every day.