The Music Issue

• The 4 Ways Sound Affects Us
• Music In Our Speech - IDIOMS
• Broken Instruments Are Music to the Ears of These School Repairmen
• With A Little Help From My Friends –NHS VOICES
• The Music Puzzle

The 4 Ways Sound Affects Us

Julian Treasure    Video Activity TED - 5.40 minutes
A fascinating TED lecture about sound and its effects. The speaker Julian Treasure, is a sound expert, author of the book Sound Business, and chairman of The Sound Agency.

Part 1. VOCABULARY Warm up: Match the terms and definitions.

A. respiration, inhaling and exhaling.
2. brainwaves
B. ability to perceive.
C. a natural or artificial acoustic environment.
D. functions and activity of the body.
E. electrical impulse originating in brain tissue.

Part 2. Watch the TED lecture clip and say whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE.
A) Most of the sound around us is unpleasant, much of it is accidental.
(B) Our relationship with sound is not  conscious.
(C) Sounds sometimes affect hormone secretions, breathing, heart rate and your brainwaves.
(D) Music is the most powerful form of sound that we know that affects our physiological activity.
(E) With practice, you can learn to understand two people talking at once.
(F) People who can't get away from noise find their health damaged.
(G) At present science is used in the design of soundscapes.
(H) Music is the often used inappropriately in commercial sound.
(I) Even if you're listening consciously, you cannot take control of the sound around you.

Part 3. Listen again and find the reference for these numbers as in the example.

e.g. “the ways sound is affecting us all the time.”

hundreds of thousands








Music in our speech - Idioms

Vocabulary Activity - Idioms related to MUSIC

English has several idiomatic expressions related to music. These are a few popular ones.

BE CLEAR AS A BELL: to be very understandable.
BE FIT AS A FIDDLE : to be very fit and healthy.
BLOW ONE'S OWN HORN/ TRUMPET : to praise oneself, brag or boast.
FACE THE MUSIC : to accept the consequences of doing something wrong.

FOR A SONG : to get, buy or sell something at a very cheap price.
IN TUNE / OUT OF TUNE : in agreement, according to harmony / discordant, not harmonious.
IT'S NOT OVER UNTIL THE FAT LADY SINGS : to not speculate about something until it is completed. This phrase comes from the opera.
JAZZ ( something ) UP : to make something more interesting or lively.
MARCH TO A DIFFERENT DRUMMER : to follow one's own ideas rather than being influenced by others; to be a bit eccentric.
MUSIC TO MY EARS : good news; information that makes someone happy.

PLAY BY EAR : to play a piece of music without looking at the notes; do something without much preparation.
RING A BELL : to sound familiar or  think you've heard it before.

Complete the following sentences with words related to the idioms above:
1.His suggestions are always a bit ______________  with reality.
2.When I heard the song, some of the verses ____________ but then I realized there are many similar lyrics.
3.Tom often _________ his gray suits with colorful ties.
4.The team is not going to support us; they always ___________  .
5.Even if the campaign was a success, let's wait for the real figures. It's not ______________.
6.Jan is always at the gym but with all the fast food he eats I don’t  know how he can say that he’s _________ .
7.Marty says she finds it difficult to __________ because she is shy.
8.Jimmy will have to ___________ when his mom asks him who broke the window.
9.We haven't had time to prepare for the meeting. We'll have to _________
10.I thought I was getting this teeshirt _________, but I found out it has a little stain. That’s why its price was 50% off.
11.It was __________ when our instructor said the test would be after the holidays.
12.The walls are so thin that we can hear the neighbors talking as _________ .