Valentine’s Day Puzzle

Try a game to check your knowledge on love words 


1. The symbol of love. 
3. Cards and gifts exchanged on February 14th.
4. A typical Valentine's Day treat.
9. Valentine's Day is the date for ... love letters. 
10. The month of Valentine's Day.
13. What a poet writes (plural).
14. Go on a ... with your boyfriend or girlfriend.
15. To have a ..., to like someone. A way of beeing interested in someone.
17. Roses are red, violets are blue, ... is sweet, and so are you.


2. A secret ... is someone who likes someone, but doesn’t tell. 
4. Angel, simbol of Valentine.
5. St. Valentine is considered the patron saint of ...  
6. Valentine's Day ... on February 14th.  
7. What cupid shoots to make men fall in love.
8. Sweet, sugary treats for eating. Often given as a gift at Valentines.
11. The traditional color of this holiday.
12. Cupid’s mother.
16. The most common flowers given on this day. 

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