Answers - The Valentine's Day Issue

The History of Valentine's Day

1.b  /  2.b  /  3.a /  4.c /  5.b / 6.a  / 7.a / 8.b / 9.a/  10.b  /  11.c / 12.a / 13.b  /  14.c  /  15.b

The Look Of Love

1.F (bigger)  2.F (science may be able to help)   3.F (he’s a psychologist)   4.T   5.F (to have bigger eyes)   6.NM   7.T   8.F (someone says it’s creepy)

 Valentine’s Day Puzzle

1. heart  3.valentines  4.chocolate  9.exchanging  10.February  13.poems  15.crush  17.sugar 
2.admirer  4.cupid  5.lovers  6.falls   7.arrows  8.candy  12.Venus

Valentine’s Day Traditions

1.several  2.on  3.unusual  4.sends   5.admirer    6.another   7.may  8.think  9.more and more  10.larger  11.take   12.them   13.on   14.someone


A)T    B)F (A lot of people)   C) T    D) F   E)T   F)F (he cannot make Victoria smile)   G)T  H)F  I)T  J)F  K)F (a photo taken by Victoria)   L)T    M)T   N) F
O)T    P)T  Q)T

A)You have an amazing face. 
B)You have powerful features.
C)You’re great and you have amazing cheekbones, 
D)You have so much life experience that other people don’t appreciate.
E)That is a fantastic suit and it really flatters you.
F)You have a great golf swing.
G)You have a fantastic moustache.
H)You are in great shape.
I)You’re amazing and you’re so efficient.
J)That’s a beautiful name.
K)You have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.
L)You’re a great pet owner.
M)You have every reason to smile.
N)You’re a beautiful couple.
O)Your eyes are gorgeous and your dress matches your eyes.

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