Sea Life

Vocabulary and video activity

For the last decade, around 2,700 scientists have cataloged marine plants and animals for the Census of the Marine Life study. You can consult OBIS, the Ocean Biogeographic Information System at to search marine species from all of the world's oceans.

Did you know? The oceans around Australia and Japan have the greatest diversity of sea life on the planet.

A) Learn the names of a few common species:

B) Video Segment: 
Watch the trailer of Disney movie OCEANS  (Length:  2.32 min) and say which of the species above can be seen.

Did you know? Scientists estimate that there are almost 22,000 fish species in the world.

C) Conversation/ Writing Activity:
Use the following prompts for discussion and/or writing.

  • How important do you think oceans are for human life?
  • Would you like a job as an oceanographer? Why (not)?
  • What are the most beautiful creatures living in the oceans?
  • How would you describe oceans and the species that inhabit there?
  • Is there anything scary or dangerous about oceans?

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