Jobs Crosswords - The Work Issue

Game - What words are missing from the clues? 

3. Someone who plays in an orchestra.
5. A person who assists a doctor.
8. Somebody who flies airplanes.
10. Someone who plans or manages construction or machine projects.     
12. A profesional who helps sick people.
14. Someone who cures animals.
15. A person who draws, paints or sculpts.
16. A person who puts out fires.
19. A person who plays sports profesionally.
20. Someone who stars in a movie.
22. someone who takes dogs for a walk (2 words).
24. Someone who delivers mail (2 words).
1. someone who makes things out of wood.
2. A person who cleans a building, a school, etc.
4. A person who travels to outer space.
6. Somebody who sings profesionally.
7. A person who makes bouquets.
8. Someone who can fix pipes.
9. Somebody who does experiments in a lab.
11. A person who makes fashionable clothes for a living.
12. A professional who fixes teeth.
13. A person who serves food.
17. Someone who tells the news or interviews people on TV.
18. A person who serves or works in ships.
21. A person who catches criminals (2 words).
23. Somebody who lives from the land's produce.
24. Someone who fixes cars.
25. Someone who cooks at a fancy restaurant.

Answers here!

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