Soccer Crossword Puzzle

Vocabulary / game activity

Use the clues below to complete the crossword puzzle.

2. A game that ends with no team winning.
7. Number of players per team on the field.
12. The two officials who assist the referee in making his decisions.
13. Replacement of one player on the field with another player.
14. The horizontal bar that forms the top of a goal.
16. The rectangular area where soccer matches are played.
17. Player that stops the progress of the opposing team.
18. Place where professional matches are played.
19. The player in front of the goal who tries to prevent shots from getting into the net.

1. A player who goes forward and help create or score goals.
3. The main official at a game, who makes all final decisions.
4. Soccer shoes.
5. Article of clothing with the colors of a football club.
6. A direct kick in front of the goal, a punishment given by the referee for a violation of the rules.
8. The intermission between the 2 halves of a game.
9. A punishment for dangerous behavior (two words).
10. Player wearing an armband.
11. A violation of the rules followed by a free kick.
15. Punishment to signal a player's removal from the game (two words).
16. Minutes lasting halftime.

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