Answers - The Work Issue

Hate your job?

1.unsatisfied 2.150 3.can 4. might not be 5.can  6.can 7.sometimes 8.isn’t  9.often 10.thousand 11.want 12. the hotel business 13.less 14.more

 Work Idioms
1. work off 2. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy 3. work out for the best. 4. dirty work 5. work it out 6. works wonders 7. get down to work. 8. worked up 9. all in a day's work 10. work out 11. worked like a horse/ worked my fingers to the bone 12. throw a monkey wrench in the works 13. worked my fingers to the bone/ worked like a horse 14. short work 15. work out.

What do you want to be when you grow up
Scientist/ researcher   2,   Soldier 1, Doctor/Vet  3, Artist   1,
Teacher  2, Baker 1, Lawyer 1, Crime investigator 1, Writer 1,
Designer 1, Photographer 2, Musician 1, Spy 1, Wildlife protector 1
Engineer 1  Sport Manager 1

Job Hunting

1. F   2. T  3. T  4. F  5. Not Mentioned  6. Not mentioned.  7. T    8. T

Job Crossword
Across: musician/ nurse/ pilot/ engineer/ doctor/ vet/artist/ firefighter/ athlete/ actor/ dogwalker/ mailcarrier
Down: carpenter/ janitor/ astronaut/ singer/ florist/ plumber/ scientist /designer/ dentist/ waiter/ reporter/ sailor/ police officer/ farmer/ mechanic/ chef

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