Valentine’s Day Traditions

Language & Culture - Fill the Gaps Activity

Complete the text with one of the two options given :

Valentine's Day originated in Rome but is celebrated in 1)..... (several/ lots) countries nowadays. After New Year's Day, it is the most celebrated holiday 2)..... (in / on) Earth.

This is the day for sweethearts to express their love for each other with 3)...... (inusual /unusual) gestures. Everybody 4)..... (send/sends) cards, called “Valentines”, with romantic or sweet messages and it is common to send or receive a card unsigned from a secret 5)..... (admiror/ admirer).

6)..... (Another/ Other) tradition on this day is that men usually buy chocolates and give red roses to their girlfriends, wives or significant others. Couples 7)..... (must / may) also go to a restaurant for a nice dinner or plan something else romantic.

Many people 8)..... (thinks/think) that this holiday is very commercial with companies that encourage the public to buy 9)..... (more and more / more or less) every year. However a positive aspect is that in recent times the festival has become  much 10)..... (large/larger) and not exclusive for lovers. People 11)..... (give/take) the opportunity this day, to wish ‘Happy Valentine's Day' to anyone they love or appreciate: father, mother, teachers, siblings, friends, co-workers or just anyone special to 12)..... (them/him).

At schools, red and pink hearts decorate classrooms. Children make or buy cards to give to their friends, and often have poems written 13)..... (in/on) them. One common poem is “Roses are red, violet are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you.”
Most consider this a fun day. Sending a Valentine’s card or gift can be a good ice-breaker if there is 14)..... (no one/ someone) special you wanted to meet...

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