The Look Of Love - The Valentine's Day Issue

Listening activity – NPR – 3.44 minutes

Listen to the fragment from the radio show and say whether the following statements are True, False or Not Mentioned.

  1. Studies show that our pupils become smaller when we feel strong emotions.
  1. Science can tell when your special someone reciprocates.

  1. The specialist is a neurologist from the University of Oslo.

  1. One of the commentators implies that maybe hosting a radio show causes stress.

  1. In the Middle Ages, women would put drops of belladonna to have brighter eyes.

  1. Valentine’s Day is a magical occasion to test these theories.

  1. According to some of the comments made by the hosts, if you look at the sun your pupils become smaller.

  1. All of them would like to stare at someone across the table on Valentine’s day.

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