Validation - The Valentine's Day Issue

Video activity – 16.24 minutes

Language - Paying compliments in English

Watch a beautiful short film by director Kurt Kuenne to practise using positive adjectives and paying compliments.

1. Pre-watching discussion:

  • What is a compliment to you?  What is definitely not a compliment?
  • How often do you say nice things to your friends or family?
  • Do you ever pay a compliment to your classmates, teachers, coworkers or bosses?
  • How do you feel when someone pays you a compliment? Surprised, happy, self-conscious?

 2. Structures:

Learn the following structures for paying compliments or making positive comments to people.

Be + so/ very / really + adjective

Have  + adjective + noun

Item of clothing/ accessory/ color +  suit/ match/ flatter

That’s a + adjective + noun

Those are + adjective +noun
“Tom, you’re so funny.”

“Lucy, you have an amazing attitude.”
“Jack, that teeshirt really suits you.”
“Tim, that’s a great tie.”
“Juana, you’re very elegant today.”
“Serena, you have a great sense of humor.”
“Cora, your necklace matches perfectly with your eyes.”
“Ana, that’s a fantastic smile.”
“Marianne, you’re really kind to everybody.”

“Ricky, you have a wonderful laugh.”
“Ingrid, red flatters you very much.”
“Mario, those are awesome shoes.”

Practice saying a few positive comments of your own.

3.  Watching

In this short film a parking attendant gives customers real validation* -dispensing free parking and free compliments.

*Validation means approval. 
Parking validation is free parking given by businesses to their customers.  


1a-Watch the first segment (up to 04.00) of the movie and answer TRUE or FALSE.

A)Hugh validates parking for a shop.  

B)A few people start coming to see him for compliments.

C)People are not buying, they just come to see him.

D)His boss is angry with him.

E)He compliments famous people.

F)There’s no one Hugh cannot make smile.

1b-Mini debate:

What will happen next?
Will Hugh live happily ever after validating people and parking?
What could go wrong?

2a-Watch the second segment (from 04.00 up to 07.37) of the movie and answer TRUE or FALSE.

G)Smiling in a driver’s license photo is not allowed.

H)He makes the photographer girl smile during her working hours.

I)Hugh is sad and thinks there’s no point in validating people anymore.

2b-Mini debate:

What will happen next?
Will Hugh live unhappily for the rest of his life?
What could brighten his days?

3a-Watch the third segment (from 07.37 up to the end) of the movie and answer TRUE or FALSE.

J)He becomes a famous photographer.

K)One day he sees a driver’s license with a photo of Victoria.

L)She was fired from her job for smiling.

M)He finds her taking passport photos.

N)No one can smile in passport photos.

O)She didn’t smile for years because her mother did not smile either.

P)Victoria had looked for him but couldn’t find him.

Q)Someone told Hugh for the first time that he was amazing.

3b-Mini debate:

How did you like this film?
What is its message?
What could be the effect of complimenting people in a society?

Validation from grzegor on Vimeo.

PART 2 – Re arrange the words in each statement to make a few of Hugh’s compliments from the film – other combinations may be possible. 
Then, watch again and/or check your work in the answer section.

e.g.  awesome / ‘re / you   = You’re awesome.

A) an / face / have / amazing / you   

B)  features / you / powerful / have

C) ‘re /  amazing  / you / cheekbones/ and/ great /have / you    

D) appreciate / people / have / much / other / life/ so / that / don’t/ you / experience

E) and / suit / you / fantastic / flatters / it / that / really / is / a

F) a / have / golf/ you / swing / great

G) have / moustache / you / a / fantastic  

H) in/ are / shape / you / great

I) ‘re / and / so / you / ‘re / efficient / amazing / you

J) a/ name / ‘s / beautiful / that

K) seen / ‘ve / the / eyes / have / ever/ most / you / beautiful / I

L) great / ‘re / pet / you / a / owner

M) reason / you / to / smile / have / every

N) beautiful / ‘re / you / couple / a

O) and / dress / eyes / your / your / matches / are / gorgeous /your

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