Answers - The Home Issue

The House of the Future?

1.all the same.   2.not much space architect  4.has one room. 5.walls that move  6. single.   7. in the same apartment.    8. bought the apartment from his parents.     9. hall

At Home

1.ironing board  2.blender  3.filing cabinet center  5.night stand  6.hose  7.coat hanger  8. desk lamp  9.mattress  10.chest of drawers drier  12.ladder  13.washing machine  14.sofa   15.wardrobe

Sundays at Rocco's

1.Rocco Galasso was an immigrant who moved to New York City from Italy with the hopes of making a better life.
2. For eighteen years Rocco served as owner and superintendent of an apartment building.
3.Rocco made lunch every Sunday for his family and some of the other residents.
4.One day they were given notice that their building faced demolition to make way for new apartments.
5.They had to move out.
6.Rocco was very sad about the situation because his whole life had changed.

IDIOMS & PHRASES with the word HOME

1.Find the meaning to the phrases and idioms on the left column.

1.E  2.M  3.I  4. N  5. A  6.C  7.P  8.K   9.F  10.O   11.B  12.H    13.L  14.D  15. J 16. G

2.Complete the sentences with a phrase or idiom.

1)Bring home the bacon  2)Close to home  3)Nothing to write home about   4)Homemade   5)Homes/ Homeboys / Homies/ Homeys  6)A man’s home is his castle.   7)Homesick   8)Charity begins at home.  9)Home wrecker
10)Feel at home   11)Homemaker   12)Hit a home run   13)Until the cows home home    14)There's no place like home    15)Homebound   16)am at home in

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