The Genius Issue

April 1st is Fools' Day in the U.S. a funny day to play practical jokes.
Paradoxically, in this issue we're focusing on geniuses, sometimes called brains, brainiacs, wizes and wizards -the opposite of fools, blockheads, dopes, idiots, and morons.
A genius is defined as having “extraordinary intellectual power especially as manifested in creative activity...” ( However, the ability to imagine new possibilities, work hard and produce is not exclusive of the Einsteins, Mozarts, Picassos or Newtons. If anything, they can be an inspiration to us common mortals. What is more, they did not usually start from scratch. They analyzed the work of other great minds before them, and used that information to make new discoveries and new work. They studied! I like that concept.
This issue hopes to provide a little inspiration going from Steve Jobs, to George de Mestral and other inventors, with a quick detour to check passive voice, make a crossword puzzle, and listen to radio show The Engines of Our Ingenuity. Hope you like it!

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