Tour of Earth - Earth Day

Video Activity

Some of the most striking Earth images ever made... from Landsat. Since the space age began over five decades ago, we have endeavored to travel beyond Earth to discover its origins.

Watch the clip made from Satellite Landsat and say whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE.

1.Despite the amazing satellite views around the cosmos, the Earth is still more impressive.

2.The Shoemaker crater, in Australia, is the oldest, formed about 7 billion years ago

3. There are volcanoes and glaciers in Kamchatka, Russia.

4.We can see salt lakes and sand dunes in China.

5.The Great Salt Desert is in Jordan.

6. Mali has unique flora and fauna and pre historic cave paintings.

7.The Niger River borders the Sahara Desert.

8.We can find around 38 active volcanoes in the border of Chile and Argentina.

9.The Colima is the most active volcano in Mexico, in Sonora.

10. In the Mississippi Delta an intricate maze of lakes and waterways form a rich and priceless natural habitat.

11. In the Netherlands, a system of canals, bridges, etc. hold back the Sea.

12. Ice fjords reach The Provence region of France.

13.Erosion created a natural masterwork in Alaska's Aleutian Islands.

Answers here!

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