The Readers' Issue 1 - Answers

How do we use the verbs make and do?
1.made 4.make 5.makes 6.made 7.did 8.making 9.doing 11.making 13.make 14.make 15.make 16.made 17.make 18.done 19.done 20.make

When do we use Raise and Rise?
1.rise 2. raised 3.risen 4.raises raising 6.rises 7.raised 8.raised rising 10.rise 11.raise 12.has risen

Hi & Bye Crossword  
Across:  1.easy 6.evening 8.touch 12.tomorrow 14.again 15.on 17.night 20.meeting 21.up
Down:  1.everything 2.doing 4.going 5.chatting 9.soon 10.have 11.later 13.luck 18.things 19.keep

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