The Readers' Issue 1

Hello everybody!

I'm happy to say that this time we are working with questions forwarded by... YOU!
This issue is dedicated to answering all emails received so far that needed extra attention and or more ample explanations.
Keep sending any doubts you may have as they will be addressed in future Readers' Issues.
You will find answers to the following queries:
"What are the main differences between British and American English?", sent by Jorgelina.
Angel wrote: "How do we use the verbs make and do?".
"How can I write business emails easily?", was a doubt sent by Federico.
Mia was wondering "When do we use Raise and Rise?".
And Abril had trouble with "What can I say when I meet a person?".
Do you have any questions as well?
Have a good week and until next time when we'll cover a fresh topic!

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