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Read the text below and answer the questions that follow.

You may always picture a Mascot whenever you recall any Olympic Games. Most of those awaiting the 2012 London Olympic Games are well aware that Mandeville and Wenlock are this year’s Mascots for London Olympic and Paralympic games. They are already making great sales in the commercial markets. Olympic Games might have lost a little of its fun if there were no Mascots.

Olympic Mascots

Olympic Game Mascots are generally animals or characters native to the place where the Olympic Games are taking place. There have also been human figures as Mascots. The Mascots are used to depict the native nation’s heritage and culture. Every Olympic Game has a different Mascot and sometimes more than one Mascot. These Mascots make major appearances in Olympic Souvenirs and Olympic Memorabilia.

Mascots for 2012 London Olympic Games

London is playing host for the 2012 Olympic Games. The Mascot for Olympic Games is Wenlock while Mandeville is the Mascot for 2012 Paralympics. The Mascots Wenlock and Mandeville are supposed to be the last two drops of steel used for making the London Olympic Stadium.

Wenlock’s eyes portray a camera lens that sees and captures everything that comes into sight and he has bracelets on hand that are in the hues of Olympic rings and are used to depict friendship bands.

Mandeville has a lens eye just like Wenlock and also has a light on forehead for the same reason. To convey that Mandeville is a moving spirit, he has been given aerodyanamic tail and hands. He has a timer on his wrist showing he is always in a rush to bring out the best in him.

Other Famous Olympic Mascots

Every year, these Games have different Mascots. Some of these Mascots are still fresh in our minds while some barely find reference. The first Olympic Mascot was introduced in 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France which was a man on the skies named Schuss. However, the one that really fetched fame was the 1972 Munich Olympic Games Mascot Waldi, the striped colourful Dachshund.


1.What do mascots Wenlock and Mandeville symbolize?
2.What do all Olympic Games might lack without Mascots?
3.Whose eyes represent a camera?
4.When did mascots appear for the first time?
5.What gives the idea that Mandeville is a moving spirit?
6.What do mascots represent in relation to their host city?


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