The Olympic Puzzle - The Olympic Issue

Try and complete the following crossword and test your knowledge on sports and everything Olympic.


2. For this sport you need small paddles.(2 words)
4. The number of points a competitor or team earns during a game
9. a person who trains and directs an athlete or a sports team.
11. A person who trains for and competes in a sport.
12. The official name for Track & Field.
14. The centrepiece of the Olympic games, where athletic events are held.
16. Years between Ancient Olympic Games.
19. Sport with bikes.
21. A piece of land marked out for a sports contest e.g. hockey.
22. A contest featuring five different events.
24. Team sport with a net and six players per team.
25. A team sport with eleven players per team.


1. Originally known as the International Wheelchair Games.
3. Country where Ancient Olympic Games were held.
5. A quadrangular area on which ball games are played, such as tennis or basketball.
6. Long run, typical in the Olympic games.
7. Highest prize that an athlete can get at the Olympics. (2 words)
8. To shout encouragement to a team or a player. (2 words)
10. Aquatic sport involving a ball.
13. Sport that includes walking, driving and shooting.
15. multi-discipline sport divided in artistic, rhythmic and trampoline.
17. Fastest time registered in an event.
18. An event where athletes fight with gloves.
20. A punishment imposed on a player or team for breaking the rules of a sport. 
23. A result in a game in which teams have the same final score.
25. Aquatic discipline.

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