Home Remedies

Discuss in small groups or pairs:

·      What do you do when you have a cough or a cold?
·      What are some old remedies that you know of to help with ailments?
·      Have you tried any strange remedy or cure before?

CBS Clip – Video Activity (3.50 minutes)

Home remedies are something that many of us use, even when sometimes they do not work.
Dietician Samantha Heller tests us on a true or false quiz about five common home remedy assumptions.

Are these fact or fiction?
Answer true or false to the following common assumptions. Then watch the video clip and find out.

1.Honey and lemmon reduce symptoms of a cold and flu.  
2.Honey also reduces bacteria in a wound.
3.Drinking orange juice reduces cold symptoms.
4."Feed a cold, starve a fever" (eat when you have a cold, don't eat when you have a fever) 
5.Chicken soup is good for your soul and for a cold. (it makes you feel better)
6.A humidifier can relieve symptoms of the common cold and flu.

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