The Money Issue - Answers

Four ways to spend money - Milton Fridman

a).... get as much as possible out of that money.
b)....the gifts you buy.
c)... on the best things for you.
d)...other people's money on somebody else.
e)... your money on yourself.
f)..of the money they spend.

What's In Your Wallet? Wait, You Don't Need One

Vocabulary Warm-up
1.plastic   2.purchase   3.apps register   5.merchant   6.trend

1. F   2. T     3. NM    4. T    5. F (it has always been a hassle)
6.T    7. F  (only 10%)    8. T

Personal  Finance

Exercise 1:     1.O    2.F    3.G   4.E    5.K   6.M   7.J   8.A   9.B   10.C    11.N   12.D     13.P     14.I   15. H  16.L

Exercise 2:    1. earns   2. saves   3. spends  4. afford  5. mortgage  6. withdraw  7. ATM   8. piggy bank   9. income  10. wastes  11. borrows   12.  account 13.savings  14. owes

Consumer society

(A) Find the terms in the text.
1.deprive    2.downshifting   3.countryside   4.environentally friendly  
5. conservers  6.advertisements

(B) Read the statements below and decide whether they are TRUE or FALSE.
       1.T  2.F  3.T  4.F  5.T 6.T

Money Idioms the black    2. deep pockets   3.make ends meet   4.bread and butter
5. flat broke    6. splurge    7.  on a shoestring   8.goose that lays the golden eggs.     9.easy money    10.from rags to riches. the red    12.cost an arm and a leg.   13. tighten his belt    14. a nest egg

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