The Money Issue

Hello everybody!

Money is not only an obvious part of our everyday practices, challenges or dreams, but it is also very present in language by means of metaphores, idioms, sayings...
"A penny for your thoughts" is being said since the 1500's. This popular phrase in the English language is used to comment you would like to know someone's ideas. Another old saying: "See a penny, pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck."
There are also pennies - cents in the US - as well as dimes or quarters, that we toss in a fountain to make a wish or that someone flips in the air to determine your luck by calling heads or tails. The side of the coin usually with a face would be the "head", and the other side with a number, phrase, or the like would be the "tail".
Have you also heard that..? "The best things in life are free" , and "Money doesn't grow on trees." They express different points of view. Do you agree with any of them?
Today, we are watching a video clip interview to a Nobel Prize winner, mulling over the future of wallets, working with vocabulary on personal finances and money idioms, and reading about the concept of downsizing.
I hope you enjoy this issue!

Verónica de la Vega

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