What's In Your Wallet? Wait, You Don't Need One - The Money Issue

Listening activity - NPR News -  
 3 min 56 sec

Vocabulary Warm-up: 

Match the following terms to the dictionary entries below.

purchase     -     cash register     merchant    
  trend   -    apps     -   plastic

1.____________________   :  n. credit card payment.

2.____________________   :  n. what you buy or something which has been bought.

3.____________________   :  n. software for mobile devices.

4.____________________   :  n. machine at a store where cash is stored and sales transactions are made.

5.____________________   :  n. seller, marketer; trader, retailer.

6.____________________   :  n. a general direction in which something tends to move.



Listen to the report from National Public Radio. Open this LINK

Are the following statements TRUE, FALSE or NOT MENTIONED?

1. Most Americans do not pay with plastic or cash for their purchases. 
2. A growing number of large companies are trying to change the way people pay for purchases. 
3. Wallets and cash registers will soon be replaced.
4. Even Girls Scouts started accepting payment thanks to a small attachment for smartphones.
5. Accepting credit cards has always been easy for merchants / businesses. 
6.Several companies are trying to access the mobile payment trend. 
7. A high percentage of the American public is already familiar with such apps. 
8. Companies can see payment costs reduced with these apps.

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