Adjectives ending in ED and ING - The Readers' Issue 2

Do you sometimes get confused about adjectives ending in '-ing' or '-ed'? Today we're working on the topic, read on!

-ing adjectives are used to describe things or permanent characteristics or conditions: 'The movie was boring.'
-ed adjectives are used to describe our feelings or transitory conditions: 'I was very bored.'

More adjectives with two versions are:

Amazed / amazing
Amused / amusing
Annoyed / annoying
Bored / boring
Charmed / charming
Confused / confusing
Depressed / depressing
Disappointed / disappointing
Embarrassed / embarrassing
Excited / exciting
Exhausted / exhausting

Fascinated / fascinating
Frightened / frightening
Frustrated / frustrating
Interested / interesting
Puzzled / puzzling
Relaxed / relaxing
Satisfied / satisfying
Shocked / shocking
Terrified / terrifying
Tired / tiring
Thrilled / thrilling

What is the right adjective? The one ending in ING or in ED?

1.The book you lent me was so .......... that I couldn't finish it!
Boring      bored

2.I felt .......... by the school choir last night at the theatre.
Fascinating      fascinated

3.I went to bed early last night because I really was ..........
Tiring      tired

4.The new assistant looks .......... in the project.
Interesting      interested

5.Tom is .......... by the present we gave him for his birthday.
Amazing      amazed

6.The political speech was so.......... We hated it.
Shocking      shocked

7.The news about the fire must be .......... for the villages around.
    Frightening    frightened

8.I failed my exam and I feel very .......... .
Depressing      depressed

9.Going to a very crowded place is not .......... for me.
Amusing     amused 

     10. I've had a very .... weekend. I went to the beach with a few friends.
Exciting      excited

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