Halloween History - The Halloween Issue

By NatGeo

Video activity    3.12 minutes

Halloween isn't just costumes and candy; it's a cultural holiday rich in tradition.   How much do you know about its origins?

Watch the video clip and answer the following questions.

1.According to the narration Halloween is a...
(a)  patchwork holiday    (b)religious holiday     (c)cultural holiday

2.The Samhain Festival celebrated...
(a)  the spread of the Celts culture across Europe.   (b)the death of the living.
(c)the end of the harvest season.

3.At that time it was supposed that the veil between death and life was at its...
(a)  darkest   (b) thinnest    (c) best

4.The Catholic church frowned on the pagan rituals, which means that...
(a)  it accepted them.  (b)it didn't approve of them.   (c)it ignored them.

5.The church merged the holiday with a religious date, All Saints Day, in the...
(a) 5th century   (b) 6th century   (c) 7th century

6.Halloween came to the United States...
(a)  with Irish immigrants escaping from poverty.    (b)with Irish immigrants looking for the potato famine.   (c)with Irish immigrants who wanted to conquer America.

7.Over the years the innocent tricks...
(a)  became extinct    (b) became more popular.    (c) became extorsions.

8.So the neighbours started to give ... to stop the tricks.
(a)  apples   (b) money   (c) bribes

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