The Calendar Issue

Hello everybody!

Early December got me pondering about the end of the year and the way we regard and compartmentalize time. And funny enough there's been so much buzz about the end of the world this year, with the Mayan predictions... therefore, this Calendar Issue.
Take a look at the activities here: We start with an NPR listening and vocabulary activity based on a piece of news coming from John Hopkins University. Next, you'll find a video activity with the Mayan calendar topic. A year's worth of idioms comes after, with 25 plus idiomatic expressions to learn and/or have fun with. Ancient & modern calendars is an article with a reading comprehension activity on the history of calendars. And last but not least, this issue's game is a crossword puzzle about calendar related words.
I can't thank you enough for your visit and comments all along this first year. It's been wonderful to have you around. We'll be back in 2013.
Have a great end of the year and happy holidays!

Verónica de la Vega

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