The Calendar Puzzle – The Calendar Issue

2. Second day of the working week.
7. Spring starts in this month in the northern hemisphere. 
10. A time period usually extending from Friday night through Sunday.
11. Year when February has 29 days. 
12. Halloween month. 
13. The month before April. 
19. The tenth month of the Roman year.
20. Period of three months. 
22. The month when Thanksgiving is celebrated in the US. 
25. The month to make new year’s resolutions.
26. Any day except Sunday (and sometimes except Saturday). 
27. Day when the Jewish Sabbath is held. 
1. The seventh month of the year. 
3. First day of the week. 
4. Easter ussually falls on this month and in the US, the 1st of this month is Fools Day. 
5. Month dedicated to a Roman Emperor and meaning “venerable”. 
6. There are 52 of these in a year. 
7. Day named after the Moon. 
8. Month when spring starts in the southern hemisphere. 
9. Period of six months. 
14. The opposite of a working day. 
15. Period of months usually in a school calendar. 
16. Fourth day of the week. 
17. Day in the abbreviation TGIF. 
18. Roman month of purification. Also on the 2nd of this month Groundhog Day is celebrated in the US. 
21. Month of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. 
23. A unit of time corresponding approximately to one cycle of the moon's phases. 
24. Thor's day, dedicated to the Scandinavian god of thunder. 

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