Weather Idioms

Vocabulary Activity - Idioms

A) Study the following idiomatic expressions related to the weather. 

Be cloudy about... (something) : to be unsure of something.

Be raining cats and dogs : rain very heavily.

Be under the weather : to be sick.

Be windy : to be very talkative without necessarily saying much.

Brainstorm : to suggest any idea that comes to mind in an attempt to find a solution to a problem.

Clear the air : to resolve a resentment.

Have (one’s) head in the clouds : to not have a grasp of understanding of the reality or a situation.

never strikes the same place twice  : a bad incident will not likely happen to the same person twice.
Rain on someone's parade : to spoil a person's happy feelings.

Save it for a rainy day : to save something, usually money, for possible future need.

Shoot the breeze : to chat or to pass the time by chatting.

Something out of the blue ( meaning out of a blue sky ) : unexpectedly and suddenly.

Take ( or give someone ) a rain check : to request that an appointment be rescheduled.

B) Complete the following sentences with words related to the idioms above:

1.A: Remind me again why we need to go to the bank today. I’m a bit ... about it.
B: John, what’s going on? You have your head in the ... lately.

2.Jaime and Karen are talking to each again! Finally they have cleared the ... between them.

3. I know I promised we would catch a movie tonight, but I’m a bit under the ...  Can I take a ... ckeck?

4.We need to call a meeting ASAP and ... ideas to solve the project.

5.I have a few free minutes before my class to shoot the ... if you like.

6.What a weather! I forgot to bring my umbrella and it’s raining ... and ... out.

7.I told my cousin all about my idea to have my own coffee shop. And out of the ... he starts giving me every reason why I might fail. He always ... on my parade.

8. My sister is scared to drive ever since a truck hit her car. I told her that it was bad luck and that ... never strikes the same place twice.

9.My nephew has a new piggy bank and is learning to save some money for a ... day.

10.The lecture was so boring and the speaker was so ... that we almost fell asleep. What a waste of time!

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