The Future of Computers

Video and discussion activity
The Royal Lectures  -  4.45 min 

Chris Bishop interviews Bill Gates via a live satellite link to find out his thoughts on the future of software, and to invite kids from the audience to ask him their own questions. 

Watch the clip and write Bill’s answers.


QUESTION 1: What do you think computing will be like in 50 years?



QUESTION 2: Do you think computers will ever be able to think for themselves?


QUESTION 3: What do you think opportunities are there in the use of software in medicine and health care?


Discuss the questions below:

What do you think life will be like in 50 years?
Do you agree with Bill Gates about the future of computers?
How will the industries below manage in the future?
What will change? What will disappear or be created?

v      Basic Materials : Chemicals,Gold ,Oil & Gas, Steel & Iron
v      Consumer Goods :    Auto Manufacturers, Beverages, Dairy Products, Electronic Equipment , Farm Products, Food , Green products, Paper, Rubber & Plastics, Textile ,Tobacco Products
v     Financial: Insurance, Asset Management, Credit Services, Mortgage Investment, Savings & Loans
v      Healthcare :   Biotechnology, Drugs , Health Care Plans, Hospitals, Medical Appliances & Equipment
v      Services : Advertising,   Air Services, Broadcasting , Computers, Education & Training Services , General Entertainment, Lodging  , Publishing,  Restaurants
v      Technology :  Software, Communication Equipment,   Data Storage Devices, Information Technology,Personal Computers,         Wireless Communications.
v      Utilities :   Electric Utilities, Gas Utilities,  Water Utilities

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