The Ocean Issue

The History Behind “World Oceans Day“

1.result  2.officially   3.coordinate   4.increasing   5.connection   6.petition  7.urging  9.boost   10.conservation  11.step  12.capitalize  13.involved  14.depend  15.importance  17.challenges  18.achieve  19.together  20. strive

Marine Debris

1.Beer bottles, lighters, toys, floats for fishing nets, TVs, plastic jugs containing unidentifiable fluids, a golf ball, a tee, tyres, toothbrush, mascara, pens, etc. Miles and miles of trash.
2.Yes, he was in complete shock.
3.Garbage comes from the open ocean.
4.Hawaii is in the middle of the North Pacific Gyre, a vortex of swirling garbage created by the currents between Asia and North America.
5.It is the world’s largest garbage dump.
6. About 80 percent comes from land.
7.It makes its way to the ocean through storm drains, rivers and travels to the ocean.
8.They mistake trash for food.
9.Birds ingest plastic, accumulate big quantities of it, feed it to their chicks and sometimes cannot regurgitate it and die.
10.Man is responsible and we have to solve it.

Sea Life
All the species in the picture can be seen in the trailer.

The Greatest Ocean Depth : The Mariana Trench 

1.b  2.a  3.a  4.b (it shrinks)  5.b  6.b  7.a  8.a  9.b  10.b  11.a  12.b  13.a and b

Ocean Words

Abundance from Latin, meaning “from the wave”. Plenty of waves or water.
Antenna  was the beam from which sails were hung in ancient Rome.
Astronaut/cosmonaut/internaut  From the Greek word for "sailor."
Groggy comes from the name sailors in the British Royal Navy used for their daily ration of rum or “grog”.
Ostracism From the Greek meaning "oyster shell", where an order of banishment was written.
Overwhelm comes from the middle English word meaning to overturn or to turn bottom up, as in a boat.
Posh In colonial Boston the label "portside out, starboard home" was put in the luggage of rich people. 
Salary comes from Latin meaning the allowance of sea salt given to Roman soldiers with their wages.
Skyscraper The topsails of ships, later the name was used to refer to tall buildings.
Slush funds the money of ship cooks, earned by keeping a part of the fat, or "slush," and selling it when the ship came into port.
Strike To lower the yard from which sails hung. When the British Navy mutinied, sailors "struck their yards to prevent them from proceeding to sea . . ."

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