Answers - The Fitness Issue

At The Health Club

A)   1.doing gym  2.stationary bike  3.doing crunches  4.mat  5.dumbells  6.climber  7.treadmill  8.jumping rope  9 aqua aerobics class 11.exercise bench  12.doing yoga  13.exercise ball  14.resistance bands  15.kettlebells  16.lifting weight  17.barbell  18.boxing

C) Model dialog

Bob:”You look really fit and toned! How do you do it? I can’t seem to improve much at the health club?"
Andy: "What’s your routine like?"
Bob: "I usually spend 30 minutes on the treadmill or stationary bike for the cardio, and then I lift weight for about 20 minutes."
Andy: "And how often do you go?"
Bob: "I want to go at least 3 times a week, but I usually workout twice only because of my work."
Andy: "Did an instructor give you a weekly schedule?”
Bob: “Yes, I’m supposed to work on legs and forearms too, but I didn’t enjoy that and I got a little sore afterwards.”
Andy: "How long have you been lifting weights?"
Bob: "For a year and a half but I don’t have much muscle definition."
Andy: “Maybe you’ve been working out on the same machines for too long, and you are pretty used to them. You need to vary your routine”
Bob:”I know. It’s only that I hate going to the gym really.”
Andy: “Have you thought about getting a personal trainer? You could sign up for a few sessions to help you set up a good regimen.”
Bob:”Isn’t that supposed to be very expensive?”
Andy:”It could be. Another option to see better results is to train more often, like every other day."
Bob: "That's a lot. I don't think I have the discipline for that."
Andy: "Just think of it as a hobby. It's actually fun when you start seeing results."
Bob:”Thanks for the advice. I’ll definitely look into that.”

The 7-Minute Workout Sweeps the Country

1) an exercise routine that is very popular all over.  2) heating up a frozen dinner 3) It was mentioned in the "New York Times",  it has dozens of smartphone apps, countless youtube training clips and a music video 4)Yes, she says “I'm winded and sweeting.”  5) 96 - 163 – 7 – 52  6) The scientist says it is good, but there probably isn't enough research to say this is all you need to do.  7) He recommends doing it not once, but three times for a good hard vigorous workout.  8) He is suprised that three times makes it a 21-minute workout. He thinks that  it might not be the best workout, but he feels that “it still packs a punch” (hits you hard).

A New Approach to Fitness

1.b)   2.a)”You can enjoy substantial health benefits by fitting moderate amounts of physical activity into your days.”  b)”Some people will describe their workouts with a surge of energy and enthusiasm.”  c)”one activity may feel pleasurable to one person and grueling to another.” d)”There was a time when fitness came with as many "shoulds" as diets did”
3.  1.D  2.E 3.B 4.C 5.A

A Lifetime Experience

a) T (Once a week at least  they spar, but they run and shadowbox every day)  b) T (It’s also a social activity.)  c) F (Some kids with good grades dont have to pay.)  d) F (she doesn’t mention talent)  e) T  f) T  g) F (They are old time trainers and ex boxers) h) F (He says that to give back is his job) i) F (He has come to the gym since he was a little kid.) j)T


 1.hang gliding 2.rowing 6.boxing 7.cycling riding 9.fencing 11.gymnastics 12. weightlifting 13.handball 14.martial arts 15.wrestling 16.skating 17.archery 18.jogging 19.sailing 20.voleyball 21.swimming 23.table tennis 24.skiing 25.windsurfing

Play:  golf, baseball, basketball, soccer, handball, voleyball, tennis, table tennis. (the verb DO is also possible as a synonym of “practice)
Do: boxing, fencing, gymnastics, weightlifting, martial arts, wrestling, archery, swimming.
Go: hang gliding, rowing, cycling, horse riding, skating, jogging, sailing, skiing, windsurfing.  (the verb DO is also possible as a synonym of “practice)

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