The Thank You Issue - Solutions

History of Thanksgiving

1.half of the Pilgrims died in the winter
2. planting, fishing, and hunting
3.the firstThanksgiving Feast happened
4.goose and lobster
5.fasting and being thankful to God religious they were
7.The answer is: 1777
8.on different days of the year unify the country
10.Abraham Lincoln boost attendance kick off the Christmas shopping season, rest, and being thankful

Thank You by Dido

1.Watching the clip
1.policemen knocking on the door
2.she gets an eviction notice
3.movers taking out furniture
4.her belongings are left in the street
5.she is taken out of the house
6.bulldozers tear down the house

2.The Song
House – Bills – Rain – Tea – Pain – Bus – Towel – Clue – Home - Door

Expressing Appreciation

1.b for  2.c sharing  3.a kindly 4.a to  5.a thankful  6.b ruining  7.c thank  8.b stars  9.b much  10.c enough  11.b appreciate  12.c for having  13.c doll 14.a grateful  15 b.deepest


(1)is  (2)have  (3)do  (4)cultivate  (5)respond  (6)Begin  (7)open  (8)look   (9)note   (10)think  (11)has  (12)come  (13)meet  (14)go  (15)flows  (16)gives  (17)turn  (18)experience  (19)can  (20)let 

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

1.Pre-reading segment
1.c  2.a  3.d   4.b

2.Reading segment
1.b  2.a/b   3.c   4.b    5.c    6.b    7.a 

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