The House of the Future?

A tiny apartment transforms into 24 rooms
Conversation & video activity

·        How you do you imagine a “house of the future”?
·        What will be different in comparison to a typical house nowadays?
·        How has housing evolve over the years, in terms of comfort, technology, etc?
·        How and where did people live in the past?
·        What is an intelligent house?
·        What characteristics will make your life easier? What could potentially complicate your life in your future house?
·        What issues will arise with housing in the future? Will there be housing shortages in the future?
·        Is the housing situation, at present, similar around the world?
·        What would a house on the Moon look like?

Watch the clip about an original house in Hong Kong. Choose the right option to complete the statement.

Source:      Length: 4 minutes

1.Apartments in Hong Kong are...  (in residential areas - all the same - in not very high buildings)

2.In Hong Kong there is...  (not much space - not many people - not much money to build)

3.Gary Chang is...  (an engineer - an architect – a banker)

4.Gary Chang's apartment...  (has one room  - is bigger than other Hong Kong apartments - has 24 rooms.)

5.The original characteristic of the apartment is...  (walls that become smaller  - walls that are compact - walls that move)

6.Chang is...  (single – married with two children - living with roommates)

7.When Chang was a child, he lived... (in a tiny apartment - in a bigger apartment - in the same apartment)

8.Chang ... (bought the apartment four years ago - bought the apartment from his parents - renovated the apartment twenty years ago)

9.Which house-related words were not mentioned in this video?  (guestroom   -   lavatory   -  hall)

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