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Master animator and filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki is saying goodbye to the film world with apparently his last animated feature, The Wind Rises. Since the news, the whole film industry has started to honor and praise the Anime God. Even The Simpsons decided to say goodbye in an episode released in January 2014, that pays tribute to Miyazaki with a scene bringing together some of his most famous films.

Read the short profile below and answer the questions below.

Hayao Miyazaki is one of Japan's greatest animation directors. The entertaining plots, compelling characters, and breathtaking animation in his films have earned him international renown from critics as well as public recognition within Japan.

Hayao was born in Tokyo on January 5, 1941. He began his career as an animator in 1963 and worked on many early classics of Japanese animation. After extensive experience in television, he began directing features in 1979. That year he directed his first movie, the classic The Castle of Cagliostro. Later,  he gained acclaim with  Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984) based on the comic of the same title he had started two years before.

The success of the film led to the establishment of a new animation studio, Studio Ghibli, at which Miyazaki has since directed, written, and produced many other films with Takahata and, more recently, Toshio Suzuki. All of these films enjoyed critical and box office successes: Castle in the Sky (1986), My Neighbor Totoro (1988), Porco Rosso (1992), Princess Mononoke (1997),  Spirited Away (2001), among others.

Hayao Miyazaki's films have a fairy-tale spirit, with young protagonists and magical settings. His works are characterized by recurrent themes, such as ecology, pacifism, feminism, and the absence of villains.
For the release of his 2013 film The Wind Rises, Miyazaki renewed his anti-war message, with the story of a young man who designs planes during World War II.  With this, his last animated movie, Miyazaki confirmed his retirement during a press conference, in Tokyo, on September 6, 2013.

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A. Read and choose the best option.

1. a)Miyazaki is best known in Japan.
b) Miyazaki is best known internationally.

2.a)Some of his films have a pacifistic message.
b) Some of his films have a violent message.

3.a)He always worked as an animator.
b)He always worked as a director.

4.a)He didn’t work much in television.
b)He worked much in television.

5.a)At some point in his career he designed comics.
b)He designed comic books when he was a child.

B.Find the words in the text for the following synonyms, meanings or definitions.

1.Fame, recognition
2.Story, argument
3.Topics, subjects
4.End of a career, job, profession.
5.Location, places where a movie or book happens.
6.Roles in a film or book, people.
7.Professional life, job.

Hayao Miyazaki retires
5.18 min.   BBC News report
As news emerges of the retirement of Japanese film director Hayao Miyazaki, presenter Lucy Hockings interviews Chie Kutsuwada about his legacy.

00.00 to 01.17

a)The presenter says she will never forget the day she saw the film “Spirited Away”. 

b)It was the first animation film she saw.

c)Miyazaki’s career spun for almost a century.

d)His films are characterized by his attention to detail and social conscience.

e)His most recent film, The Wind Rises, has been critized.

01.18 to 5.18

f)Chie Kutsuwada is a comic book artist. 

g)She has worked with Miyazaki. 

h)Animation is part of the Japanese culture.

i)Miyazaki’s films are for children.

j)Children born in the 70’s or later, grew up watching Miyazaki’s works. 

k)His films have deep messages.

l)Adults are mainly his central characters.

m)Kutsuwada believes Miyazaki is against fight.

n)She is surprised that The Film Rises is his last film.

o)For her Miyazaki shows that the world is black and white, good or bad.

p)Miyazaki’s influence on her is to do work that is purely entertaining.


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