Movie Crossword Puzzle

Vocabulary/Game activity

Use the clues below to complete the crossword puzzle.


2. A movie in space.
3. What is used to shoot a film.
8. Main actor in a film.
10. a flat surface on which a film is projected.
13. What the director says at the beginning of a scene.
14. A movie with cowboys.
15. Type of movie.
16. Place where a movie takes place.
17. The story, what happens in a film.
18. Someone who finances a film.
 19. A type of movie where people sing and dance.


1. A piece of paper that allows you to see a movie at a theater.
4. Actors who are usually in the background and do not have a speaking role.
5. A movie about real life.
6. A scary movie.
7. A cartoon movie.
8. Popular snack at the movies.
9. A very famous actor.
11. A funny movie.
12. The list of songs or music in a film.
17. Acting roles in a movie.
20. Someone who gives opinions about movies in a professional way.

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