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Read the text below and work on the vocabulary exercise that follows.

Lights, camera…. action!

Thrillers, dramas, horror movies, comedies, or westerns. If they are well-made, you love them all! Musicals, animated films, documentaries, detective movies, science fiction, war, romance, action, history, adventure, family, fantasy and even shorts.

You love raving about the latest Meryl Streep performance and Leo Dicaprio’s acting skills. You are the type of person who doesn’t care whether the movie is a blockbuster or a flop, as long as Robert De Niro is in it. And you are literally counting the days until Steven Spielberg starts shooting his next film. You love foreign films and couldn’t care less whether the movie is dubbed or has captions. You are loyal to the industry.

You devour trailers for the coming attractions. You go to the ticket sales in person, just in case, the very day tickets are out. And the day of the premiere, you stay at the theater and read all the credits until the ushers ask you to please leave. Because you, my friend, are a movie buff with conviction!

Texto: Verónica de la Vega

A.Find the film-related words and/or phrases in the text above for the following definitions.

1.The place where cinema goers go to buy their tickets.

2.When a film is translated into another language using voice-over the film is ………………

3.To praise an actor’s performance, director’s skills, etc. is to ……………….. about them.

4.A film with …………………. has a translation using words along the bottom of the screen.

5.A first public performance or showing of a play, opera, film, etc.

6.The adverts for upcoming movies or coming attractions shown before the main film.

7.A highly popular film 

8.The names of the people involved in the making of the film that appear at the end.  

9. A person who escorts people to seats in a theater.

10.An unpopular film.

11.Someone who knows a lot about films.

12.To make or to ………………. a film.

Discussing Movies  

Film genres, setting, directors, cast, plot, reviews

  • What kind of movie is it? What’s its genre?   It’s a/ an …
  • Who’s the director? / Who directed it?  The director is... / It was directed by...
  • Who’s in it? / Who’s starring (in it)?   ... is in it. / It’s starring ...
  • When/ where does it take place?  It takes place in... / It’s set in...
  • What’s it about? It’s about... / The plot is about...
  • What kind of reviews did it get? / What did the critics say?  It got ... reviews / The critics...

GAME:  Can you name this movie . . .?

“This movie is a sci-fi and it takes place in space.  It stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock and it was directed by Alfonso Cuarón.  The plot is about a medical engineer and an astronaut who work together to survive after an accident. The critics loved it.”

Think about  other movies to describe to your classmates in this way. Give as many clues as you know.

There’s more to talk about...

Do you often go to the movie theater?
When was the last time you went to the movie theater? What did you see?
Do you want to see any new movies now?
Who are your favorite actors? Why?
Do you have a favorite movie director? Who is he/she?
Describe your favorite movie? What is it about? Who is in it?
Describe a very bad movie? Why was it bad for you?


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