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Take it Easy


A piece of cake
No trouble



2. as easy as shooting fish in a barrel   3. piece of cake
4. easy as pie  5. Take it easy   6. easy touch
7. easy come, easy go  8. go easy on a person
9. Easy Street


Every people has its own way of saying things, its own special expressions. Some of these expressions are easy to understand. The words create a picture in your mind.

“As easy as falling off a log” is one such expression. It describes a job that does not take much effort.

If you ever tried to walk on a fallen tree log, you understand what the expression means. It is easier to fall off the log than to stay on it.

The expression is often used today. For example, you might hear a student say to her friend that her spelling test was “as easy as falling off a log.”

There are several other expressions that mean the same thing. And their meaning is as easy to understand as “falling off a log.” One is, “easy as pie.” Nothing is easier than eating a piece of sweet, juicy pie. Unless it is a “piece of cake.”

“Piece of cake” is another expression that means something is extremely easy to do. A friend might tell you that his new job was a ”piece of cake.”

Another expression is “as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.”

It is hard to imagine why anyone would want to shoot fish in a barrel. But, clearly, fish in a barrel would be much easier to shoot than fish in a stream. In fact, it would be as easy as “falling off a log.”

Sometimes, things that come to us easily, also leave us just as easily. In fact, there is an expression – “easy come, easy go” – that recognizes this. You may win a lot of money in a lottery, then spend it all in a few days. Easy come, easy go.

When life itself is easy, when you have no cares or problems, you are on “Easy Street.” Everyone wants to live on that imaginary street.

Another “easy” expression is to “go easy on a person.” It means to treat a person kindly or gently, especially in a situation where you might be expected to be angry with him. A wife might urge her husband to “go easy on” their son, because the boy did not mean to wreck the car.

If it is necessary to borrow some money to fix the car, you should look for a friend who is an “easy touch.” An “easy touch” or a “soft touch” is someone who is kind and helpful. He would easily agree to lend you the money.

And one last expression, one that means do not worry or work too hard. Try to keep away from difficult situations. “Take it easy” until we meet again.


A) Talent is ...

1.urgency to express ones deep emotions through (for example) music and nothing else.

You need...
2.a certain amount of intellectual ability.
3.technical ability

B) Except for 1, all next 3 can be acquired.
C) F
D)Character and luck.
E) She says that it doesn’t concern her. She has nothing to add to that part of the discussion.
F) People not listening to classical music is a problem of education. People start listening to music at home, at school. It is an acquired taste.
G) She thinks that it is true that they have to be able to make a living, but to be a musician is a vocation, not a profession. Musicians must not forget it. She says she would be doing it even if she didn’t get paid.

Can, Could & Be Able To

1.can’t   2.was able to /could  3.won’t be able to  4.could  5.can / could  6.can 7.wasn’t able to   8.can’t / am not able to   9.Will you be able to / Could (favors)  10.can’t  11.can – am not able  12.can’t  13.could   14.were able to / could  15.could / was able to

Are you right-handed or left-handed?

1. Because the brain’s right hemisphere dominates. 2.It is not mentioned in the article if you can practice and acquire a dominance. You can inherit it, though.  3.They can use their left and right sides with equal skill.  4. 13% of the population  5. Yes, it is thought to be genetic / it runs in families.

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