The World Cup Soccer Ball

Discussion and listening activity

  • How important is a ball in the game? Explain.
  • Is it possible to design an intelligent ball? How?
  • Is a player’s ability more important than the design of a ball? Why?
  • Compare and contrast the following two images.

A ragball is a ball made up of old rags that kids use to play with
when they don’t have a leather football.

Audio activity
NPR - 3.54 minutes

Listen to the audio clip and choose the right answers to the questions below.    

1.The Brazuca is...
a)The team who designed the 2014 ball b)The name of the new ball c)An experiment to test the official ball for the 2014 World Cup.

2.The 2010 World Cup ball was dreadful according to...
a)Goalkeepers  b)Players  c)Sport commentators
3.The new ball in comparison is...
a)A lot better  b)Somehow better  c)Slightly better

4.The 2010 ball was...
a)Less uniform  b)Bigger  c)Heavier

5.Experts test the ball’s...
a)Hexagon panel  b)Spin capacity  c)Aerodynamics

6.The maker of the 2014 World Cup ball is...
a)Puma   b)Nike   c)Adidas

7.The knuckling effect is described as...
a)The loss of speed  b)Erratic flight patterns  c)A slight inclination to the right.

8.In this World Cup the new ball...
a)May have some problems  b)Will have a knuckling effect   c)Will be perfect

9.The 2010 World Cup ball was called...
a)Melissa   b)Lynchburg   c)Jabulani

10.Professor Goff is an expert in...
a)Sports  b)Physics  c) Aerodynamics

  • knuckleball: in baseball, a ball which causes an unpredictable motion.
  • spin a ball : give a rotation effect.
  • dreadful: extremely bad, unpleasant, or ugly.
  • slightly: a little, a bit.
  • pattern: model, plan.

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