The Air Issue - Solutions #34

The Earth's Atmosphere

Questions about passage

1.the troposphere
2. stratosphere
3.nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide
4.The ozone layer, which protects Earth from the sun’s radiation.
5.They burn up before they reach the troposphere.
6. It is extremely thin, it is beyond 300 km and here the atmosphere merges into space.
7.In the thermosphere.
8.In the stratosphere.
9. In the troposphere and in the stratosphere.
10.The troposphere.

Vocabulary Challenge
a)Air pressure   b) UV rays  c)radiation  d) Greenhouse effect  e)barometer f)ozone

Conquering the Air: the Wright Brothers

1.F:  passion  2.T   3.F it is still standing   4.F it was critical  5.F less than a minute   6.F 39 minutes   7.T    8.F  $5,000   9.F  Ford released his first car in 1910  10.F some   11.T    12. F brown bird  13.F the original was a two-seater  14.F wood   15.F the replica does  16.F. they traveled the world   17.F Skill

Air Idioms
1.clear 2.out of thin  3.building castles in the  4.a breath of fresh  5.gasping/panting for   6.walking on  7.his grievances  8.disappeared/ vanished into thin  9.put on  10.full of hot  11. dirty laundry in public

The Air Puzzle

Across:  1. lungs   4. airforce  7. airdrome  8. airy  9. hot  10. ozone  11. inhale  13. dirty laundry  14. air guitar
Down:   1. layers    2. airbag  3. breathe  4. airline  5. oxygen  6. clear  7. airmail  12. aircraft

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