The Art Student’s Puzzle

Vocabulary/Game activity
Use the clues below to complete the crossword puzzle.


1. A picture of the countryside or a similar sight. 3. A person who poses for an artist. 5. A water-based paint that is translucent. 6. A tool with hair, used to apply paint. 8. A type of balance in which elements are equal in size or shape. 10. A public showing of works of art, or other objects. 11. A form of visual art that commonly uses graphite pencils. 12. A board that a painter holds and mixes pigments on. 14. Something made to enclose a picture. 16. A synthetic paint made from a resin and that dries very fast. 19. Colors that are directly opposite each other e.g., red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple. 22. A tool for organizing colors and representing their relationships. (2 words) 26. A mixture of a pigment and liquid. 28. A technique of creating a work of art by mixing paper, fabrics, string or other materials. 29. A finished work made by a painter. 31. Name for the group of colors formed by red, yellow, and blue. 32. A color with a certain amount of black. 33. A large painting on a wall. 34. A basic drawing used later to create a more detailed work. 35. Any material used by an artist to produce a work of art. 36. The "line" at which the sky and the earth appear to meet. 37. A piece in which only one color is used.


2. Art with no realistic forms from the physical world. 3. A work with great artistic value and done with extraordinary skill. 4. A sheet with a design cut into it to copy shapes. 7. The common name of a color. 9. Art created in the present day. 13. Colors with a high visual temperature like red, orange, and yellow. 14. The element or object in a work of art on which the viewer's attention is focused. (2 words) 15. A picture of someone’s face or upper body. 17. Colors with a low visual temperatures like green, blue, and violet. 18. A painting representing inanimate objects such as bottles, fruit, and flowers. (2 words) 20. An institution devoted to the study and display of objects of interest or value. 21. A painting with a view of the ocean or sea. 22. A piece of white cloth with a structure, used to paint on. 23. The part of a composition that appears to be farthest from the viewer. 24. The area of a picture that appears closest to the viewer. 25. A room or building devoted to the exhibition of works of art. 27. A color with a certain amount of white. 28. The organization of the elements in an art work, following certain principles of design.
30. Burned wood used for drawing.

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