The Most Visited Museum in the World

Discussion, reading & video activity


·        Do you like to visit art museums?
·        Do you visit museums when you go to another city? 
·        Have you ever been to any famous art museums?   
·        Do you have a favorite painting or sculpture?

Video Segment
WorldSiteGuides - Length= 8 minutes

Watch & read the information and facts on the most visited art museum in the world. Say whether the statements below are True or False.


1.During the 14th century the Louvre was a palace.
2. Many people consider  Francis I as the founder of the modern Louvre.
3. The construction of the modern Louvre began in 1451.
4. Catherine de Medicis was the mother of Francis' second son.
5. The Tuileries Palace was found in In 1564.
6. Francis I united the Tuileries with the Louvre.
7.The Tuileries Palace was burned and destroyed during the reign of Napoleon III.
8.In the mid 17th century the Louvre began to serve more as a museum and as a residence for artists.

9. Louis XVI agreed to display part of the royal collection to the public.
10. The museum opened for the public in 1793.
11.The Louvre’s architectural style is Baroque.
12. The museum obtained the majority of the works from donations.
13.Looking at the outside of the Louvre you see some sculptures
14. The most famous piece of art is a painting.
15.Another main feature of the Louvre is its yard.
16.The approximate time someone needs to visit the Louvre is an afternoon.
17. Napoleon Bonaparte was responsible for the grand renovation of the Louvre.
18. More that 15,000 people visit the Louvre every day.

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