Music Piracy

Reading and discussion activity

Read the following two very different opinions.  Which one do you agree with? Justify your views.

New Channels and Methods

Music is all over the internet. The question is no longer to download or not. Musicians and singers have to find other ways to make money, such as live concerts and presentations. For the record companies, it’s too bad, but they have been replaced. It’s all part of the technological advances. The world has changed.

Real Fans Get The Real Thing

Who pays when music is stolen? Singers, songwriters, musicians, album producers, audio engineers, sound technicians, recording studio managers, and many others that contribute to creating the music we love, and who depend on a healthy industry for their jobs and their families’ income.

How do you listen to your favorite bands and performers?
Do you buy CDs or download tracks? Where (from)?
Do you think it is OK to download videos from YouTube or another website? Is it a crime?
Would you change your mind about music piracy if you were a member of the music industry?
How would you feel if you were a musician?
Could you suggest alternative methods to free downloading?
What do you think will happen in the future?
Can you name other internet related crimes?

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