Local Color

Conversation & writing activity

  • Do you think it’s important to keep traditions? Why (not)?
  • Should cultural identities be discarded or ignored when people move to another country? Why (not)?
  • What are the big holidays in your country? How is a typical
    wedding ceremony?  What is a customary greeting where you come from? Do people kiss, shake hands, or other?
  • What are some customs for eating in your country? Is there a national dish, dessert, drink, etc.?
  • Which traditions would you definitely maintain if you moved abroad?
  • Should people hold on to their language, religion, dressing habits and the like when they emigrate? Why (not)?
  • Which of your traditions do you value most?
  • Have you adopted traditions from another culture? Which ones?

Group Activity: Make a group list with all the traditions in your country that reflect your cultural identity.

Writing: Write and essay, reflecting your point of view on the topic of Cultural Diversity.

1.Create an original title to attract the reader. You can also do it at the end when you have finished.

2.Write an introduction that explains the topic and include information or examples that will transition the reader to the argument you are presenting.

3.Write the body and present your point of view with support information or examples. 

4. Write the conclusion to reassert your argument and persuade the audience to support your view.

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