The Cultural Diversity Issue - Solutions

What is Cultural Diversity?

1.D  2.I  3.L  4.P  5.A  6.K  7.M  8.B  9.O  10.F  11.C  12.N  13.H  14.E  15.J  16.G

Country Stereotypes

1.T  2.F  3.T  4.F (he only speaks of a character who is Puerto Rican and other latinos)  5.F    6.F


Global Cuisine

Masala dosa, India
Paella, Spain
Som tam, Thailand
Fajitas, Mexico
Marzipan, Germany
Maple syrup, Canada
Buttered popcorn,  United States
Fish ‘n’ chips, Britain
Sushi, Japan
Lasagna, Italy
Croissant, France
Chocolate, Mexico

Local Color

Human Family

2) different races - concepts of beauty – customs – gestures - similar struggles

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