New Year In Times Square

Vocabulary & Listening Activity

NPR 4.22 min
The New Year's celebration in Times Square in New York is well known around the globe. What do the preparations involve? What are the details of this emblematic event?

A.Pre-watching: Match the terms and pictures. Which do you expect to find at the event in Times Square?  Listen to the audio report from National Public Radio and find out which ones are mentioned.

Fireworks - Confetti   -  LED  - Party hat  - Cheerleaders  - Baloons   Sparkling wine  - Porta-Potties   - Party props  - Snacks

B. QUIZ : Listen again and answer the questions below.

1.How long does it take to plan The New Year's celebration in Times Square in New York?

2.Who watches the event on TV?

3.How many people show up each year for the New Year's Eve celebrations in Times Square?

4.How many LED lights does the ball have?

5.What does the confetti test involve? Why?

6.What other tradition involves confetti?

7.What is popular with tourists?

8.When did this ball dropping tradition originate and why?

9.What will create a sea of blue at the event?

10.Why did the organizers think of having thousands of red Chinese scarves?

11.What there isn’t in Times Square on New Year's Eve?

12.How has the celebration changed over the years in terms of safety?

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