Discussion & Vocabulary activity

What do you dream of when you are awake? 
Is your daydreaming realistic or fantastic?
When do you daydream most?

DEBATE  :  Dreaming with other cultures and exotic places to  live

If you had to chose an exotic destination to live for a couple of years, how would you make your decision?

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of living in different countries.

A) What do you understand by these terms? 
B) Rank them in order of importance. 

-standard of living                         -mentality                             -cuisine
-political situation                         -environment                      -climate

Procedure:  You will have to choose a different country to go to live in from the following list :

CHILE                       IRELAND                 JAPAN
MAURITUS              AUSTRALIA            SOUTHAFRICA    
PORTUGAL             JAMAICA                  SWEEDEN

Before talking to the group you will have to make an individual decision.

1. Small debate : Debate the choice of country with a partner. Why have your classmates chosen that? Does it agree with your choice and your ranking?

2. Group discussion : Discuss the situation as a group. What is the best or most voted country to live in?

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