Solutions - The Dream Issue

Following your Dreams
Billy Elliot

Who says...?  “You’re a disgrace to the glove”    “Why dont you join in?”

The film centers around the life of Billy, his love of dance and his hopes of becoming a professional ballet dancer.
Billy's father and brother Tony are miners.  One day his father takes him to a boxing gym, but Billy finds out that he doesn't really like the sport.
Part of the boxing gym is used by a ballet class. Billy is drawn by it and secretly starts taking ballet lessons.
Billy's father finds out he is taking ballet lessons and forbids him to dance, but Billy continues to do so secretly.
Finally, once he has seen Billy dance, his father understands that ballet is Billy's passion and he takes him to an audition for the Royal Ballet. Billy is accepted by the Royal Ballet, and moves out to London at age 11 to attend the school.

The Blind Side
A well-to-do white family take in a homeless black teenager and help him realize his potential on and off the football field.

Dream Idioms

1. a dream come true    2. Dream on/ In your dreams  3. pipe dream   4. broken dreams  5. wildest dreams  6. American dream  7. in a dream world  8. wouldn’t dream  9. In your dreams/dream on   10.daydream  11.nightmare/ bad dream  12.chasing

The Legend Of the Dream Catcher
1. hung   2. pass    3. caught   4. destroyed    5.captured    6. travel    7. credited   8. adopted    9. vary  10. carried

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